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Your patients are our priority. Quality patient care and excellent customer service are the pillars of our pharmacy. We are grateful to be your pharmacy provider and our goal is to exceed expectations.

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Benefits for LTC Providers

True Partnership

All great partnerships begin with a sturdy and trustworthy foundation.   United Scripts lays this foundation using what we call a “partnership approach.” Our partnership approach helps remind us that the facility and the provider are two entities that come together to provide the best quality care for ones that matter most, our patients.

Dependable Delivery

United Scripts has an incredibly efficient workflow process which allows us to consistently deliver your patients meds when expected. Our 24/7 emergency after hours staff work with you to make sure the patient receives their medication. Our partnership with Complete Delivery Solution’s and their TracRx service allows guaranteed courier services to be available in even the most rural areas.

Quality Assurance

Here are United Scripts, we believe that innovation is a significant aspect in creating a better way to provide exceptional services. This is why we’ve invested heavily in cutting edge technology that reduces the margin for error and increase the quality of our services for everyone’s benefit.


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