Meet the Team

Contact Ryan

Ryan Chamness

Director Of Pharmacy (St. Louis)

Contact Elmer
(618) 610-3143

Elmer Schmidt

Director of Consultant Pharmacist

Contact Loretta
(314) 597-1869

Loretta Stahl

Head of Human Resources

Contact Ashley

Ashley Maue

Pharmacy Floor Manager (St. Louis)

Contact Ethan
(816) 535-2566

Ethan Galczynski

Operations Manager (Lee’s Summit)

Bobby Poeschl

Bobby Poeschl

Claims Adjudication Manager

Contact Elizabeth

Elizabeth Nasir

Data Entry Manager

Contact Beth

Beth Pelphrey

Data Entry Manager (St. Louis)

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Michael Gordon

Director of Pharmacy (Lee’s Summit)

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Dave Wiechert

Director of Sales

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Andrew Pileggi

Sr. Director of Strategic Development